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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a crew cost?

The cost of a crew depends on several factors including the type of work, the exact skills required, the job location, its duration, and whether the project is subject to federal regulations (such as the Davis-Bacon Act). All these are reasons we can't provide a simple online price list. We are proud of our competitive rates, and invite you to call or email us for a fast, no-obligation quote.

How long does it take to get a project team onsite?

Once we have a confirmed order, we immediately begin contacting team members from our network of trained technicians. From that point on, the exact amount of time it takes to have a crew at your location will vary somewhat depending on the job and skills required. Typically, we seek to fill orders in one or two days. Emergency projects sometimes can go faster. Larger or unique projects can take longer.

How do you handle licenses and physicals for hazardous substances?

Our technicians will arrive on your job site with all the licenses, physical certifications, and training they need. That's one of the key advantages of using CCS. You don't have the delays or concerns of getting a crew qualified to work in these regulated areas.

Can you provide certified payroll reports?

Absolutely. There is a handling fee of $35 per job per week for this service.

How much paperwork is involved with using our project teams?

Typically the paperwork is minimal. We'll need a description of the project so we can provide you with a quote outlining the cost and availability of technicians. If this is your first job with us, we'll require a signed contract outlining key terms of our agreement and each party's responsibilities. If your project is certified (i.e., subject to the Davis-Bacon Act), we'll need a copy of the wage determination sheet. When that's ready, we'll send out any paperwork you might need for your crew, such as licenses and physicals.

Once your crew arrives, you'll be responsible for orienting them and providing any personal protective equipment they may need. Our payroll workweek ends Sunday evening. The next document we'll need on Monday morning is a timesheet listing the days and hours worked. You can fax it to (615) 377-0883 or email it to That's about it. We'll send you an invoice by Wednesday, and typically we expect payment by Friday -- the same day our crews are paid.

Compared to running your own payroll, this is pretty straightforward.

What if I don't like a worker for some reason?

You are never under any obligation to keep a team member that doesn't provide you with outstanding productivity and service. Simply let us know your concerns and we will find a replacement for you as quickly as possible.

Who handles employer-related payroll taxes? How about workers comp insurance?

We do. These are included in our service at no extra charge to you.

What if my crew has to travel a long distance to reach my job site?

We handle these situations on a case by case basis. Occasionally we must ask clients to provide supplemental mobilization or lodging to obtain the most qualified project team. We will discuss any travel-related matters up front with you to help you understand your options before you make any commitments.

How do I get started? What if I have other questions?

Call us at (615) 377-0882 or email us using the link on our contact page. We'll be happy to assist you.